Wiring Duct

PanelMax™ Corner Wiring Duct - Panduit Industrial Automation Products - Sri Kailash Controls

  • Fits in the unused space in the vertical corner of enclosures, gaining sub-panel space or saving enclosure footprint area
  • One-piece base requires less time to install than multi-piece solutions
  • Optional quick mount clips engage anywhere along the product base further reducing assembly costs
  • Panduit divider wall snaps directly to the integrated mounting feature in the channel to create two separate channels
  • Compatible with similar height standard Panduit wiring duct
  • All product sizes use standard 2 inch wiring duct cover
  • Base and cover length is 6 feet
  • Base and covers sold separately.
Panduct PanelMax™ Shielded Wiring Duct - Panduit Industrial Automation Products - Sri Kailash Controls

  • The shielded wiring duct routes, separates, and shields sensitive wiring from noise emission
  • Up to 20dB noise reduction, 90% noise voltage reduction (up to 6 inches air space)
  • Lead-free PVC with metallic foil finish
  • UL recognized continuous-use temperature - 122°F (50°C)
  • Provided with mounting holes
  • Base and cover length is 6 feet
  • Use with Type C cover (purchased separately).
Panduct™ Type FL Flexible Wiring Duct - Panduit Industrial Automation Products - Sri Kailash Controls

  • Flexible polypropylene material
  • UL Recognized continuous use temperatures up to 149°F (65°C)
  • UL94 Flammability Rating of V-2
  • Factory applied adhesive tape provided for easy positioning
  • Note: Adhesive tape is not meant for permanent mounting of wiring duct. One mounting hole on each end will be exposed for permanent mounting with fasteners. For best results, wiring duct should be applied to clean, dry, grease-free surfaces. We recommend the surface be cleaned prior to wiring duct installation.
Panduct™ PanelMax™ DIN Rail Wiring Duct - Panduit Industrial Automation Products - Sri Kailash Controls

  • Space saving design positions DIN rail and components off the panel directly above an integrated wire management channel for up to a 30% smaller footprint for duct and components; increased design flexibility and component access for easier installation and maintenance
  • DIN rail and DIN component compatible with standard 35mm or 15mm rails and many DIN rail mount components for design flexibility
  • Integrated DIN rail fastening slot allows the DIN rail to mount directly to product with plastic thread cutting screws for up to 40% faster duct and rail installation and reduced labor costs
  • Hinged cover remains attached during maintenance and upgrades preventing lost covers, ensuring panel integrity, safety and aesthetics; L-shaped cover acts as ledge to aid wire installation for ease of use
  • Slotted platform (horizontal) manage the wire from channel mounted components, outer sidewall slots (vertical) manage wire from adjacent panel mounted components; unique finger and slot progression for optimal wire management and aesthetics
  • Channel pass through slots allows wires to transition internally between channels to ease wire connections to either side of components mounted on the same rail minimizing wire length and reducing material cost
  • Optional wire retainer accessory retains cabling with cover opened or removed easing wire installation and future wire additions

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