• Wireless from the sensor to the network

Modern wireless technology offers efficient and consistent communication for all industrial applications.

Overview of our wireless products

 The right products for every application: our wireless product portfolio
 Wireless components must meet a very wide range of requirements depending on the specific application. However, the user's focus is always on easy handling and reliability, just as it is for cable-based devices.

 We have therefore used our experience from the field of interface and automation to develop wireless products that meet the highest industrial requirements.

 Wireless I/O
 Wireless transmission of digital and analog signals
 Wireless Serial
 Wireless signal transmission for serial interfaces such as RS-232/RS-442/RS-485
 Wireless Ethernet
 Integration of mobile devices in Ethernet networks
 Wireless accessories
 Antennas, cables, surge protection, and more
 Reliable wireless technologies
 In practice, various wireless technologies have proved suitable for a range of applications. Phoenix Contact offers wireless solutions that are suitable for industrial applications, which are ideal for your specific requirements.

 Trusted Wireless
 For signal and data transmission in large systems
 Bluetooth
 For transmitting control data in factory automation
 WLAN (IEEE 802.11)
 For high-performance infrastructure networks that are also suitable for industrial applications
 For data exchange with unlimited range via mobile phone networks
 WirelessHART
 For signal transmission in the process industry using proven HART communication

Wireless network planner

• Wireless network planner The wireless network planner from Phoenix Contact is an easy solution for user-friendly planning of a wireless network. You can create a simple basis for planning your wireless network in just a few steps.

• Your advantages:

 All Phoenix Contact wireless products are implemented
 Selection guide for wireless modules and accessories such as cables and antennas
 Creation of material lists in PDF format or CSV format
 Importing of images
 User guidance via a wizard
 Free download