Hubbell Inc Group

Hubbell Inc is an USA based multinational listed in NYSE with 3 Bn+ US$ revenues, founded in 1888 and delivering reliable electrical solutions to our customers. Hubbell has 3 major platforms namely Hubbell Electrical Systems, Hubbell Lighting & Hubbell Power systems with powerful brands.

Hubbell Electrical Systems -Visit us at: www.hubbell.com

Offering an array of electrical and electronic wiring devices, wire management systems, occupancy sensors and specialized wiring products for the marine and healthcare markets. A comprehensive source of electrical boxes, fittings and enclosures for a variety of world-wide markets including harsh / hazardous location, commercial and residential markets. Innovative solutions for high voltage power supplies and test equipment, heavy duty cable management, industrial, outdoor and hazardous location communications equipment.

BURNDY -Visit us at: www.burndy.com

A global manufacturer of connectors, fittings and tools for electrical utilities, commercial, industrial and residential contractors, maintenance and repair companies, as well as the telecommunication and renewable energies market with 85+ years of rich history.

Hubbell Industrial Controls - Visit us at: www.hubbell-icd.com

Hubbell Industrial Controls is comprised of a full line of Industrial, Radio and Fire Pump controls, DC drives, Furnas brand drum, pressure and master switches..

Hubbell Lighting

Provides a full range of indoor and outdoor lighting products for commercial, industrial, institutional, sports lighting, landscape and residential markets, including green initiatives for vacancy sensors and daylight harvesting controls.

Hubbell Power Systems

Providing a broad line of products and components to serve the utility industry and support the infrastructure for transmission and distribution of electrical power throughout the globe


AT THE HEART OF WHAT DRIVES YOU’RE WORLD It gives us immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the largest Electric motors manufacturer in the world with turnover of more than $2.5 million